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Feb 20, 2016

Reinvent Your Employee - and Customer - Experience

Thomas Archer, Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP


There’s an important question I often ask my clients: Are you ready to disrupt your own industry? The PwC-Google for Work Alliance believes you can by creating new value in the marketplace. Businesses today need the right technology to innovate and accelerate their journey to marketplace leadership. Together, PwC and Google for Work can help reinvent your business by providing leading disruptive technologies and deep industry and process knowledge. We are excited to be at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this week because we are using technology in new ways to deliver value to our customers and have developed a Field Services demo to share with you, one that we believe is a great example of how we are working to help our clients reinvent their businesses.

I would also like to invite you to join me for my presentation about the Future of Connected Business that I’ll be presenting with Mark Daigle, Director of Global Strategic Alliances at Google on Tuesday, February 23 at 11am (CET), Booth #1A48 | Fira Gran Via, Hall 1, and learn about how we can help you reinvent your business.

As we build the next generation of business solutions around Google for Work, we’re going to show you how to reinvent the way customers and employees engage with existing systems, improve real-time collaboration, and increase transparency and agility, while decreasing costs and efficiencies. We’ll introduce you to our solution pillars, including Reinventing Work (RW), Reinventing Security (RS), and Reinventing Value (RV). We know your employees are your #1 asset, and reinventing how they work (RW) can drive new efficiencies, innovation, and collaboration. If you’re concerned about cyber security, our RS solutions can help you protect your information assets from threats and provide real-time security insights. And to meet the demands of creating new customer experiences, refining processes and sharpening your competitive advantage, we can help you RV too. All of our solution pillars are powered by Google for Work, which consists of Google Apps and Google Cloud Platform to help you reinvent your business.

Business reinvention is nothing new, in fact it’s a natural and an important part of the business cycle. As I blog this, it’s clear we’re seeing a rapid, powerful combination of technological changes that are disrupting businesses. To name a few examples, consider how we connect with a colleague on a project, or experience media & entertainment, or learn about the latest and greatest in our field. These changes and disruptions present both stresses and successes, but the possibilities for business growth are significant. My colleagues at PwC UK echo these possibilities in a survey they recently released that predicted in 2020, the market for ‘connected living’ will be US$1 trillion globally. For businesses, it means opportunities to become connected and automated, to empower employees to work flexibly, to collaborate easier and faster, to access information efficiently, and to communicate effectively. Employees are embracing this increased connectedness enabled by technology too, with 85% seeing more interaction with consumers as a result.

Your field service reps could benefit from connectedness enabled by technology. They have a wealth of experience available to them, so why not take that collective knowledge and simplify its organization, make it searchable, and present it in a way that impresses both employees and customers alike? Our alliance is reinventing the approach to business. And we want you to take advantage of this opportunity to disrupt the marketplace before your competitors do, and make the most of connected business. Join us for an encore live Field Service demo onTuesday, February 23 at 12pm (CET), Booth #1A48 | Fira Gran Via, Hall 1,where we’ll reveal a game-ified solution that enhances existing communications streams for easier answers, accessibility and transparency. See it, and experience it all come together - and how it can engage managers, dispatchers, field staff and customers to increase performance, loyalty and customer satisfaction.

I also encourage you to engage with us at our innovative PwC-Google for Work booth, where you can chat with us at our info. desk, recharge in our cafe, or experience our featured animations and presentations. I look forward to meeting you, and helping you to reinvent your employee - and customer - experience, together. For more on the PwC-Google Alliance please visit our alliance site.

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