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Apr 27, 2016

PwC-Google for Work Alliance Introduces Reinvent Business to Help Clients Disrupt their Marketplace

Thomas Archer, Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP


Be disrupted. Or be the disruptor. Those are the choices many clients face today, as they grapple with the technological changes challenging every aspect of where and how their business gets done. These challenges—everything from millennials demanding more effective ways to collaborate to cyber attacks threatening business assets to harnessing innovation faster for a stronger marketplace position—can significantly impact the bottom line and the ability to attract and retain talent, leaving the organization disrupted. But with technology, comes an opportunity to reinvent businesses, and this is what the PwC-Google for Work Alliance is all about. Our alliance is excited to introduce four solution pillars, including Reinvent Work, Reinvent Security, Reinvent IT, and Reinvent Value to help businesses succeed in the complex journey of combining the right technology with the deep industry and process knowledge.

Solution #1: Reinvent Value—Redefine how your business creates value, both internally and externally in going to market

What if a store had a voice? It’s already happening. From new payment types to variable store footprints, how and where goods are stored is changing. The technologies that connect the back of the store to the front in real time, and the analytics techniques that continue to learn from customer shopping experiences already exist, and that has implications on everything the retailer does or offers the customer. To stay on top of these innovative technologies and disruptions, businesses—not just retail, but also healthcare companies, financial firms, and public sectors (to name a few)—can reinvent the value they deliver. Together with Google for Work’s innovative tools, PwC can offer sector-specific knowledge and experience that can help businesses grow and create future successes.

A great example of how we’re reinventing value is with our field service solution. Field service can help you address your customer needs quickly and efficiently, and enable positive outcomes. We’re helping organizations change how they drive field services end-to-end from the executive team to the dispatcher to the field engineer. Reinventing the ‘how’ involves enabling your field teams to collaborate and interact more, where they can share knowledge, create better results and experience a whole different way of doing business.

Solution #2: Reinvent Work—Are you ready to imagine working with a new enterprise-ready velocity and agility?

Your clients may be demanding it and your millennials may be asking for it—the best way to connect, collaborate, and communicate. They want a better way to work, rather than editing documents until it reaches version 20 or spending more time on creating value instead of sending and organizing documents. In short, their demands and asks are disrupting how and where business gets done. The process forward can be different, when businesses enact the reinvention of the way they work with Google for Work Apps and PwC’s deep industry knowledge and expertise.

One example of how we can make the reinvention of work happen for you is through our acceleration program solutions. These programs and tools help to increase your return on investment in Google for Work Apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.), by considering usage, collaboration, productivity and innovation indicators. It’s a service-based solution around the implementation services, change management services and more. The outcome can improve the employee experience, increase collaboration and save ample time.

Solution #3: Reinvent IT—Are you ready to transform your enterprise into a cloud enabled world?

In today’s global business environment, with greater business volatility and competition, businesses may be unhappy with their ability to execute in a fast and effective way. This has businesses rethinking their IT strategies—Should we get out of the data center business? Are infrastructure costs too high and growing? And are we not fully protected against failure or disaster? These are important questions as new innovative technologies are changing the way real-time information is created, delivered and stored, providing more options for businesses to reinvent their IT platforms.

Our alliance can help your business Reinvent IT to embrace a fluid, iterative assemble-to-order approach that emphasizes flexibility, collaboration and innovation. Using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and PwC’s industry knowledge, businesses can seize new opportunities and become customer-driven. To prepare for the cloud transformation, we have solutions for storage, backup, recovery and cloud migrations. These solutions span across four key areas of enablement for an organization, including cloud transformation, high velocity IT platform, real-time Information delivery and our cloud next solution to help organizations accelerate the process from ideation to productization and iteration.

If we drill a bit further in cloud transformation, within this area we have four new offerings, powered by GCP, including: Workload migration to help you migrate legacy and new workloads to the cloud; cloud bursting to help you prepare for times of increased demand; cloud storage to help you shift from cost tape backups to cheaper cloud storage; and disaster recovery to help you be prepared in case of failure.

Solution #4: Reinvent Security—Are you ready for real-time, comprehensive security analytics?

Cyber security threats are real with potentially damaging impacts that could devastate a business's reputation and bottom line. Consumers expect companies to have strong defenses, the right intelligence and the latest methods to shield them from such threats. To do this, our alliance can help clients reinvent their security by using digitally-enabled tools such as PwC’s security analytics, which is a solution built on the GCP. This solution actively monitors a client’s infrastructure against threats, and provides recommendations and workflows to assess if they are secure against threats. Much like a home security system, our integrated solution includes monitoring, consulting and strategy services.

There’s no one-size-fits-all with security, and this is why our alliance combines expertise with leading technology to tailor and deliver solutions to the needs of your business. For example, we can use technical data, external sources, and business information to generate a holistic view of your enterprise’s security position and better understand the risks you’re facing. We can also provide training to your team and launch the security analytics platform with real-time monitoring and security alerts.

We’re creating what’s next for business 4.0

Our alliance is pioneering the way forward with some cutting edge solutions to help businesses reinvent and lead their markets. We’re currently working on a few projects, such as using machine learning in everything from healthcare to retail, and exploring how virtual reality can change the way information is presented and used for businesses and customers. These are incredible opportunities for businesses and the steps to success are within your reach. We encourage you to contact your local PwC partner or Google for Work representative to discuss how we can help you reinvent your business and uncover untapped opportunities in our innovation lab. Together, PwC and Google for Work provide leading technologies and deep industry and process knowledge to help you be the disruptor instead of being disrupted.

Tom Archer

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