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Feb 28, 2016

How PwC & Google are driving disruptive innovation across industries

Thomas Archer, Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP


Since we announced our PwC Google business relationship in October, we’ve had tremendous response from clients in nearly every industry asking us how we can help them take advantage of this alliance, which is expanding quickly across territories. Our alliance is now established in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Canada, Singapore, Mexico, India and the Netherlands.


The question I hear most often from our clients is – how did you come to the decision to have the alliance, and what does PwC get out of it? 

Going to the cloud is not just an IT issue – it’s at the heart of our business strategy and a key priority in our work of helping companies solve important business issues. Our mission is to build a better, faster, digital collaboration experience for our clients and our people, no matter where they are.

In today’s business environment, it is vital for companies to seize new opportunities to build and design for the cloud, and create innovative services and business models that decrease time to market, create operational efficiencies and engage customers in new ways. In fact, 74 percent of CEOs regard innovation as equally important to the success of their company as operational effectiveness, if not more, according to our recent study, Unleashing the Power of Innovation.

We’re helping our clients work towards these innovative business models by collaborating with Google on existing solutions such as security, cloud and data analytics, as well as developing entirely new solutions. Additionally, we are helping clients create connected employee experiences through Google’s mobile and Apps solutions. Our clients are facing pressure to enhance their customer experiences and to enable their operating models to adapt more quickly to remain relevant.

Through the Google/PwC Alliance, we are bringing value to our clients in the following areas:

Security – Cloud-based cybersecurity as a way to protect data – we believe this new paradigm will provide the ability for enhanced security protocols, will discourage a vast number of attacks and will reduce the use of ineffective, expensive and burdensome security tool overlays. We hope it will pave the way for a new business model where security strategy drives massive cost savings and agility.

Cloud – Our clients are looking for ways to lower costs, increase the speed of innovation and time to market, and improve their agility. The cloud allows them the flexibility and provides cost savings to help them achieve these goals. To help maximize the opportunity the cloud allows, companies should not just move their traditional environments to the cloud, they should also re-engineer business processes for the cloud with design principles leveraging mobile, analytics and social engagement.

Data analytics – Instead of building massive analytics engines from the ground up, our clients can leverage analytics tools along with PwC’s experienced consultants to help them implement those tools for increased business value.

To illustrate how this collaboration is working, I wanted to share some additional examples of how PwC and Google are helping businesses take advantage of the cloud to drive disruptive innovation:

Insurance – We are working with a leading insurance company to reinvent their business. By leveraging Google technologies to transform how they handle insurance claims and using Google Cloud for analytics, the insurance provider has the potential to shorten the underwriting process and significantly enhance the customer experience.

Manufacturing – With the prevalence of connected sensors, we can help manufacturers gain deeper insights and predictability in their supply chain and manufacturing operations by leveraging Google's data analysis platforms.

For us, this journey helps offer our clients a competitive advantage. By combining PwC’s deep industry and business experience with Google’s technology platforms, our clients are able to benefit from unique and leading edge solutions.

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