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Apr 27, 2016

PwC-Google for Work Alliance Introduces Reinvent Business to Help Clients Disrupt their Marketplace

Be disrupted. Or be the disruptor. Those are the choices many clients face today, as they grapple with the technological changes challenging every aspect of where and how their business gets done... more

Apr 15, 2016

Reinvent Business. Secure Your Future. Join Our Webcast

What’s disrupting your world? On any given day, your employees may spend more time tracking documents rather than collaborating and producing value, your computer systems may not be protected against failures or disasters that could compromise your most valuable assets, and your infrastructure costs may be escalating and negatively impacting your bottom line... more

Feb 28, 2016

How PwC & Google Are Driving Disruptive Innovation Across Industries

Since we announced our PwC Google business relationship in October, we’ve had tremendous response from clients in nearly every industry asking us how we can help them take advantage of this alliance, which is expanding quickly across territories... more

Feb 20, 2016

Reinvent Your Employee - and Customer - Experience

There’s an important question I often ask my clients: Are you ready to disrupt your own industry? The PwC-Google for Work Alliance believes you can by creating new value in the marketplace. Businesses today need the right technology to innovate and accelerate their journey to marketplace leadership... more

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